Utility Billing FAQ

If you have any questions, read the Frequently Asked Questions below or reach out to us at 651-462-0575 or by email.

How often do I get billed?

Who should I contact to change/discontinue service?

Bill Format Breakdown

Definition of Utility Charges

Utility Account Walkthrough

How do I pay my utility bill?

Are there fees associated with debit/credit card and bank account utility payments?

Online Bank Bill Pay

How do I sign up and create an online billing account?

How do I set up paperless billing?

Can I sign up for autopay?

How do I set up pay by text?

How do I view my billing and usage history?

Can I view old online payments (July 2021 & Older)?

Does the City of Wyoming have late fees for unpaid utility bills?

Delinquent Notice

What if I'm having financial troubles and can't pay my utility bill?

How is the water quality in the City of Wyoming?

How is my sewer charge determined?

What is the surface water management fee charge?

Do you provide a discount for filling up my pool, sprinkler system use or for other bulk water usages?

Reasons For High Water Usage

Petitioning For Service

Who can I contact with further questions?