How is my sewer charge determined?

Residential - Your sewer charge is based on your quarter 1 water usage (Quarter 1 occurs from January-March) for the rest of the year. If your current water usage in quarters 2-4 is lower than your quarter 1 usage, your sewer usage will decrease to the lower amount for that quarter only. Sewer usage will never exceed actual water usage. For further details, see resolution 14-06-46.

Here's an example:

Quarter Water Usage Sewer Usage
1 15,000 gallons 15,000 gallons
2 20,000 gallons 15,000 gallons
3 25,000 gallons 15,000 gallons
4 10,000 gallons 10,000 gallons


Commercial - Commercial properties are billed based on actual water usage each quarter. See resolution 14-06-46.