Police Officer Hiring Process

To become a police officer for the City of Wyoming, you need to licensed or eligible to be license through the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board.


Multi-Staged Hiring Process

Applicants for a police officer position will participate in a multi-staged hiring process.  We owe it to our community to find candidates that uphold our values as a department. Our hiring process is designed to find those.

 1. Application Reviewed - All applications are reviewed to confirm eligibility for the position.

 2. Screening Interview - The screening interview is a 15-20 minute interview with 2-3 members of the department. 

 3. Chief’s Interview - The Chief’s interview is a 20-30 minute interview with the Chief of Police and the Assistant City Administrator. 
 4. Background Investigation - The background investigation is a thorough investigation into the candidate to confirm eligibility to be licensed in the State of Minnesota.  For additional detail on the scope of the background investigation, refer to these documents:

 5. Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation - The City of Wyoming utilizes Faul Psychological services to conduct our pre-employment psychological evaluations. 

 6. Pre-Employment Physical Function Testing includes:

      • Medical History
      • Cardiovascular Strength Testing
      • Strength Testing
      • Musculoskeletal Examination
      • Dynamic Lift Strength
      • Job Specific Tasks
      • Preparing for the Physical Testing - To prepare for the physical function test, the following information will help you enhance your readiness to take the test - LMC Police POET Strength Training Program

 7. Pre-Employment Medical/Drug Screening

 8. Pre-FTO Training - New police officers will spend a week reviewing policies and procedures, firearm qualifications, use of force training, and other administrative tasks to prepare for the field training program.

 9. Field Training Program - New police officers participate in on-the-job training for a period of at least 60-80 shifts before moving to solo patrol.