Property Values & Taxes


 Cost Of City Service

Property taxes are set each year in December by determining the amount needed to provide services to the community. Policy makers (i.e. state, county, city, school district) create a property tax levy that reflects the budget and expenses in the area that you live in. Your property taxes are the sum of “your share” of this approved property tax levy and fluctuates based on changing budgets of the various taxing jurisdictions and shifts in a property’s share of total estimated market value.

Your market value is determined by Chisago County. The Assessor’s office estimates property values and sets property classifications. If you feel your property taxes are incorrect, you may dispute your 2025 property taxes in April of 2024.

Property taxes are due May 15 and October 15 of each year. Property tax payments are made to Chisago County. For payment options, go here.

 Property Values

Where do my property taxes go?


*Other consists of Special Taxing Districts - Comfort/Forest Lake Watershed, County HRA, ECRDC & Tax Increment