City Communications

Resident's Guide

Welcome! Check out Resident's Guide for an overview of the City Of Wyoming's offerings.

The City of Wyoming Resident Guide is a helpful tool for Wyoming residents. The guide contains information on: History, Contact Information, Council and Advisory Board, Voting, Public Safety, Community Development, Public Services - Water & Streets, Parks and Recreation, Community Events, Schools, Youth & Senior Activities, Senior Housing, Property Taxes, Licensing Info, Waste/Recycling/Compost, FAQ's, etc.


Weekly Emails

The City of Wyoming implements a weekly email that will allow residents and businesses to stay informed about upcoming city meetings, events and projects. To become a subscriber to our weekly email click here.


Quarterly Newsletters

The City of Wyoming creates and sends out newsletters every utility billing quarter, along with the utility bills. These newsletters help keep our residents informed regarding any projects and/or events that are happening in the City, along with providing helpful resources and general information.


City 101

The City of Wyoming is launching several videos about our day-to-day operations. Go here to check them out! 


Social Media Disclaimer

The City of Wyoming and all of its departments utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for social communications. The purpose of these sites are to present matters of public interest in the City of Wyoming. Please note this is a moderated online discussion site and not a public forum. Once posted, the City of Wyoming reserves the right to delete submissions that contain: (1) sexual content/pornographic content; (2) direct threats to persons or property; (3) trademark or copyright violations; (5) information made private or confidential by statute; or (6) commercial posts/hyperlinks or spam. Please note that the comments expressed on these sites do no reflect the opinions and position of the City of Wyoming or its employees.