Voter Registration Information

To vote, every voter must first register. You may register to vote before Election Day until pre-registration cut-off (20 days prior to election day). Your registration subsequently remains current until you move, change your name, or do not vote for four consecutive years. To check to see if you are currently registered, go here


Ways to register to vote:

  1. Register online

  2. Register on paper

  3. Election Day


For answers to common questions and special circumstances, go here


Challenging Voter Eligibility

State law requires that anyone challenging an owner's eligibility to vote must have personal knowledge that the individual is not eligible to vote - that he or she does not live in the precinct and has vacated the residence (through either a voluntary move or eviction proceeding) and does not intend to return. An owner who has vacated the property in foreclosure with no intention of returning cannot vote from that address. Instead, that person must vote in the precinct of current residence, whether it is the home of a friend or relative, a homeless shelter, etc., as long as the person has resided in Minnesota for 20 days.