Burning Permits

Escaped debris fires are the #1 cause of wildfires in Minnesota. You must have a permit to burn debris.

Recreational Fires

Recreational fires are allowed in the City any time of the year; however, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Must be contained in an area of no more than a three-foot diameter circle as measured from the inside of the fire ring or border
  • Must be completely surrounded by noncombustible and non-smoke or odor-producing material, either of natural rock, cement, brick, tile or block of ferrous metal only
  • Must be in an area depressed below the ground, on the ground or on a raised bed, including permanent outdoor wood-burning fireplaces
  • Must not be located closer than 20 feet to any structure
  • Produce little detectable smoke, odor, or soot beyond the property line of the property on which the recreational fire has been constructed
  • Must be tended to by an adult at all times until completely extinguished and must be extinguished completely before being left unattended
  • No more than one recreational fire is allowed on any property at one time
  • All recreational fires shall be conducted so as to respect the weather conditions, the effect or concern of the fire from neighbors, burning bans and air quality so that nuisance health or safety hazards will not be created
  • Wind gusts must not exceed 10 mph