2024 Residential Street Improvement Project


This project is currently in the plan approval and specifications stage. The City of Wyoming is currently preparing design documents for this improvement project to go out for bids. Construction is planned to begin in October 2024.



The City of Wyoming has proposed to improve all or portions of 255th Street, 258th Street, Gramford Avenue, Goodwin Road, Goodwin Lane, Grafton Avenue and Granada Avenue. Improvements will consist of a full reconstruction and roadway reclamation. 


Affected Streets:

  • 255th Street - Goodview Ave to Gramford Ave

  • 258th Street - Goodview Ave to Goodwin Rd
  • Gramford Avenue - Goodwin Rd to Granada/Grafton Ave
  • Goodwin Road - Verges Memorial Park to approximately 750 feet southeast of Gramford Ave
  • Goodwin Lane
  • Grafton Avenue - West access off of 260th St to Gramford Ave
  • Granada Avenue - East access off of 260th St to Gramford Ave


Street Parking Closed:

  • TBD


Stay Informed:

If you would like to receive updates on this project, please send an email to kpederson@wsbeng.com.