Residential Vacation Checks



The Wyoming Police Department is now able to offer "vacation checks" at your residence. This is a free and voluntary service provided by the Wyoming Police Department and its Reserve Police Officers. Officer and Reserves on patrol will regularly check your home and notify you or your designated emergency contact/ key holder if something doesn’t seem normal.

Additionally, you should ask a friend or neighbor to watch your home.

They can:

  • Take in papers and mail,

  • Water plants,

  • Open and close curtains,

  • Vary lighting and make the home look more "lived in."

  • Make sure somebody removes snow or mows the lawn as the season dictates.

Please fill out the following information below three days prior to your vacation or absence from your home or contact the Wyoming Police Department at 651-462-0577.  If you return earlier than stated on your form, please contact the Wyoming Police Department at 651-462-0577

Our goal is to make your vacation worry free!


* Name:
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* Departure Date (MM/DD/YY):
* Return Date (MM/DD/YY):
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List any persons authorized to be on premises (Gardeners, servicemen, relatives, neighbors) and when they will be there::
Emergency contact Name:
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Is there a dog on the premises? (If yes please check the box)
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