Police Reserve Officers


Our Mission

To work in partnership with the Wyoming Police Department and the Community to provide quality public safety services through dedicated people.

Our Vision

To promote meaningful police/citizen interaction with an emphasis on problem solving and public education.


The Wyoming Police Reserve Program was founded in 2009 and is authorized for 10 members. Our volunteer non-sworn Reserve Officers assist the Police Department by promoting safety, assist during special events and during significant incidents and disasters. Reserve Officers perform the following tasks: 

  • Neighborhood and park patrols

    • Natural disaster, emergency response, and traffic and crowd control

  • Search for lost or missing persons

  • Crime scene security
  • Bike Patrol

  • Training Role players

  • Special events


    Qualifications for Reserve Officer

      The Reserve Officer position is a non-licensed, unarmed position. The minimum eligibility standards for Reserve Officers are:

  • 18 years of age

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Valid drivers license

  • Reliable transportation and vehicle insurance
  • Response capability for call out situations

  • Pass a criminal history and background check
  • Good physical condition

  • Participate in an oral interview process
  • Satisfactory completion of the Reserve Officer Academy


Equipment Provided

1)       Blue uniform Pants

2)       Uniform short and long sleeve shirt

3)       Uniform Jackets

4)       Traffic Safety Vest

5)       Leather Gear

Duty Commitments

  This is a team effort. When you are not available, someone else must step up. It is important that we meet the expectations regarding duty assignments as follows:

  • The busy period is from Memorial Day to Labor Day where a minimum of 3 scheduled patrol shifts are needed per month.

  • Occasional patrols are needed in the other months and will be scheduled when necessary.

  • Periodic training sessions as required (normally 1 Month)

  • To be able to respond to call outs and special needs in cases of natural disasters and emergencies within a reasonable period of time.


  • Who Joins?

     Highly motivated individuals from all adult age groups and all backgrounds. Students, retired individuals, and those that want to give back by spending meaningful time in an activity dedicated to community welfare and safety. 

    Why Join?

    To help deter crime by increasing Police presence in our community. Valuable experience is gained through continuous training and learning through the interaction with the Officers of the and related community activity. Team players are encouraged.